Stress Cure Now

A Powerful 3-Step Plan to Cure Stress Without Medications




Chapter 1: The Harmful Effects of Stress                                


Chapter 2: The Mind-Body Connection                                                                      


Chapter 3: What is Stress?                                                       


Chapter 4: The Root Cause of Stress                                       


Chapter 5: How You Acquire the "Acquired Self"                  


Chapter 6: Psychosocial Conditioning                                    


Chapter 7: Instillation of Information                                       


Chapter 8: Creation of Past and Future                                   


Chapter 9: Virtual Present                                                        


Chapter 10: Escapes                                                                 



Freedom from the Acquired Self


Chapter 11: Freedom from the Acquired Self                        


Chapter 12: Selfishness                                                           


Chapter 13: Loneliness                                                           

      Q: Some Enlightened People Live Alone. Isn’t that Loneliness?

      Q: But Aren’t Humans Social Animals?  Don’t We Need Each Other?


Chapter 14: Ego                                                                      


Chapter 15: Greed                                                                   


Chapter 16: The Cycle of Love and Hate                              

      Q: I Want to Find Love. How Can I Do It?


Chapter 17: The Cycle of Happiness and Sadness             

      Q:  Who Will I be Without the Emotions of Happiness and Sadness? Aren’t These Emotions Part of Human Nature?

      Q: “There is So Much Unhappiness in the World. I Want to Make a Difference. Therefore, I’ve Joined an Organization.  

           Isn’t that Wonderful?”


Chapter 18: Complaining                                                        


Chapter 19: Lying                                                                   


Chapter 20: Bias and Prejudice                                             

      Q:  It Sounds Great, but in Reality, How can I Live Without

            Having All Information and Knowledge


Chapter 21: Jealousy                                                              


Chapter 22: Addictions                                                          


Chapter 23: Overeating as an Addiction                              


Chapter 24: Frustrations, Annoyances and Anger              

The Root Cause of Anger

    1. Expectations

  What is the Basis of Expectations?

  True Freedom from Expectations

    2. Self-Righteousness

 What is the Basis of Self-Righteousness?

 True Freedom from Self-Righteousness

    3. Fear

         What is the Basis of Fear?

         True Freedom from Fear

    4. Insults

         What is the Basis of Insults?

         True Freedom from Insults


Q: I Can’t Accept the Fact That There are so Many Bad People in

    the World. How Can I Not Be Angry?


Chapter 25: Grievances, Hate and Revenge                        

      Q: Isn’t Hate and Violence Human Nature?

      Q: I Hate Violence. I Believe in Non-Violence, Peace and Love. I’ve Joined Groups who Promote These Wonderful

          Ideas. Isn’t That Great?

      Q: Isn’t “Survival of the Fittest” the Basis of our Evolution? Therefore, We Should Be Strong in Order to Survive 

      Q: Violence is Part of Nature. You See It when an Animal Kills Another Animal. So Why are People so Against Violence?

        Q: I’m Trying Hard to be Non-Violent, Peaceful and Loving. Can You Suggest Some Techniques?

      Q: I See so Much Violence in the World. I Want to Change the World. I Believe Love Can Change the World


Chapter 26: Hypocrisy                                                              


Chapter 27: Guilt and Self Criticism                                      


Chapter 28: Embarrassment and Shame                              


Chapter 29: Fear                                                                     


Chapter 30: Depression                                                         


Chapter 31: Grief                                                                     


Chapter 32: Lack of Trust, Paranoia and Psychosis            


Chapter 33: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)                       


Chapter 34: Stress Due to the Collective Acquired Self     


Chapter 35: Genetics                                                              





Freedom from the Conceptual World


Chapter 36: We Live in a Conceptual World                        

·         What’s Wrong with Concepts?

·         The Origin of Concepts

·         Evolution of the Human Mind


Chapter 37: The Human Mind                                                

      Q:  What is Intelligence? Isn’t Thinking and Intelligence One

            and the Same Thing?

      Q: Isn’t the Mind Doing What It’s Supposed to be Doing?


Chapter 38: Freedom from the Conceptual World               


Chapter 39: Practical Living                                                  



Live in the Now


Chapter 40: Live in the Now                                                   


Chapter 41: How to Live in the Now in Real Life                 

      Q:  I Get So Frustrated that I Still Can’t Control my Mind. What Should I do?

      Q:  But Living in the Now May Affect My Abilities.


Chapter 42: Meditation                                                           


Chapter 43: Dealing with Stressful Situations                     


Chapter 44: You are Ageless                                                 

·         What is Age?

·         Psychological /Conceptual Age

·         Creation of Conceptual Calendar

·         Creation of Psychological/Conceptual Age

·         Physical Age

·         You are Ageless

·         Death is a Concept

·         True Fountain of Youth


Chapter 45: The Choice is Yours                                           


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