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"How to be Stress-Free in a World so Stressed-Out!"

"Can you cure your stress right now, without the use of any drugs, without learning any techniques or without abandoning modern life?" 

          Most people say, "No, but I'm working on it." They think their stress is due to a certain person, work situation, monetary issue, health condition, etc. They believe their stress will go away once they achieve a certain goal, meet someone special, find the perfect place to live or have no responsibilities, etc... But that day never arrives. People continue to experience stress in one form or another, except for brief stress free periods here and there. 

          Most people deal with stress by finding temporary escapes, such as entertainment, vacations, parties, alcohol, sex, gambling, drugs (legal as well as illegal), etc. To pay for these escapes, they have to come up with more money, which obviously creates more stress and the vicious cycle continues.  

          Sooner or later, stress starts to express itself in various psychological, as well as physical, ailments for which you consult your doctor, who conveniently prescribes some drugs. These drugs provide temporary relief of some symptoms, a superficial approach that works as long as you take the drugs. Often, the list of drugs gets longer and longer as time goes by. A perfect strategy for pharmaceutical companies, but not so good for patients who not only pay the heavy price literally, but also suffer from a number of serious side-effects. To counteract these side-effects, your physician readily prescribes even more drugs and the circus goes on with no ending in sight. 

     Is it possible to be free of stress, without the use of medications? Many would reply, "no." Some do attend seminars, learn techniques or spend time in a psychologist's office. However, most continue to suffer from stress. Why? Because most of these approaches do not get down to the true root cause of stress. 

          In "Stress Cure Now," Dr. Zaidi shows how you can be free of stress, right away. You don't need to wait for some person to change. You don't need some situation to resolve, some conditions be met or some targets to be reached. You don't need to learn some special techniques, attend some seminars or join some group.         

          Dr. Zaidi's strategy to cure stress is based on his personal awakening, in-depth medical knowledge and vast clinical experience. Its truly a New approach to deal with stress.  It is simple, direct, original and therefore, profound. He uses logic - the common sense that every human is born with. Using the torch of logic, Dr. Zaidi shows you that the true root cause of stress actually resides inside you, not out there. Therefore, the solution must also resides inside you. All you have to do is see the true root cause of your stress clearly. 

        In "Stress Cure Now," Dr. Zaidi  guides you to see the true root cause of your stress, in its deepest layers. Only then you can get rid of it from its roots, once and for all.


photo Here is the book Preview of "Stress Cure Now."

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Harmful Effects of Stress

Chapter 3: What is Stress? 

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Stress Management For Teenagers, Parents And Teachers

Using the blazing torch of logic, Dr. Zaidi cuts through the stress triangle of teenagers, parents and teachers. picHe dissects out all of the shady, dense and treacherous layers of stress until he reaches the bare bottom: the Real Cause of Stress. In this way, he empowers you with the real wisdom to get rid of stress from its root cause, once and for all. You don’t have to practice certain techniques, attend workshops or use the crutch of medications. 

This original, profound and breakthrough approach is completely different from the usual, customary approaches to manage stress, which simply work as a band-aid, while the volcano underneath continues to smolder. Sooner or later, it erupts through the paper thin layers of these superficial strategies. 

Dr. Zaidi guides you step by step on how you can be free of various forms of stress. From peer pressure, to stress from education, to conflict between teenagers, parents and teachers, to anxiety, depression, addictions and ADD, Dr. Zaidi covers every aspect of stress teenagers, parents and teachers experience in

their day to day life. 

Dr. Zaidi’s new approach ushers in a new era in psychology, yet this book is such an easy read. It’s like talking to a close friend for practical, useful yet honest advice that works.

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Wake Up While You Can

Using the torch of logic, Dr. Zaidi leaps us into what life after death is. photo

His insight is original , logical and a breath of fresh air, free of  old religious ideas and concepts.Dr. Zaidi’s logical approach to spirituality is a true milestone discovery.

 Dr. Zaidi uses logic to elaborate:  

What is your likely fate after death. 

How you can easily change this fate during this life-time, simply with wisdom provided in the book. Then, you are stress-free in this life and in life after death. 

You are extremely lucky to be a human being.

Only as a human being, can you change what your

life after death will be.

Only as a human being , can you bring the

sorrow cycle of rebirths to an end.

Therefore, wake up while you can, as a human being.


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