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Power of Vitamin D


"Power of Vitamin D," has become a popular and a reference book on the topic of vitamin D.picThis book contains all the important information you need to know about Vitamin D including the wonderful health benefits of Vitamin D.In this book, Dr. Zaidi dispels common myths about Vitamin D, such as "being outdoor in the sun for 15 minutes a day is enough to take care of your Vitamin D needs." Wrong! 

Dr. Zaidi explains what level of Vitamin D you need in order to take advantage of these miraculous heath benefits of Vitamin D without risking toxicity. Most people are low in Vitamin D and they don't even know it!Sadly, most physicians are not up to date on Vitamin D. They often order the wrong test for Vitamin D level, which can be normal even if you have a severe deficiency of Vitamin D!

Many physicians interpret test results of Vitamin D with the myopic eye of the reference range provided by the laboratory. These reference ranges are often wrong when it comes to Vitamin D.Learn from actual case studies discussed in the book. Learn More about "Power of Vitamin D"

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Take Charge of Your Diabetes


"Take Charge of Your Diabetes" has touched the lives of thousands of people.book photpIn this book, Dr. Zaidi describes his revolutionary yet scientific strategy for treating diabetes: Treat the root cause of diabetes!  

By utilizing this new, scientific strategy, most diabetics can manage their diabetes without going on insulin.


This strategy not only helps diabetics achieve excellent control of their diabetes, but may also help prevent Heart disease, Stroke, Kidney failure, Leg amputation and other devastating complications of diabetes. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Zaidi's diabetic patients have reaped the benefits of his new exciting strategy. Learn from actual case studies discussed in the book. Isn't it time you take a serious look at your diabetes treatment plan?

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